EdFinancial Services is now hiring!

EdFinancial Services is now hiring!

Just when you thought that you would never find the job of your dreams….

EdFinancial right here in Knoxville has opened its door for job seekers who dream of mutually beneficial employment. Working for ed financial is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And it is a dream come true!

EdFinancial is a people-oriented business. Customers and Employees are treated with courtesy, understanding, and respect. We are sincere when we say that we are family. We are home.

There are openings for smart individuals with good people skills as well as highly effective business skills to fill several positions. We offer health, dental, and vision insurance as well as additional services and discounts.

In addition to a relaxed, comfortable, and diverse work environment, we even have picnics and barbeques for our employees because we are EdFinancial.

EdFinancial Services
120 North Seven Oaks Drive, Knoxville, TN 37922

Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants

Free Online Ordering System For Restaurants

To support our local restaurants, WJBE has partnered with a leading digital marketing firm, Agent Hi5 Marketing, to provide a free online food ordering system to help you increase your take-out and delivery orders.

With this system, customers can directly place orders from your website or Facebook page. You’ll also be able to take reservations and advance orders! We want our area businesses to survive and thrive through these challenging times.

Click the link to get more info and schedule a consultation. Be well & stay safe!